About Us

W elcome to Casey English Stores, a store that is more than just an online shop, it’s the place where you will actively be able to set the trends and have the things you want to buy!  How? Well, we’ll showcase new ideas and products on our Twitter  Facebook and Google+ pages and what ever you find interesting, creative, useful or even a little bit quirky we’ll aim to add to the store. So whether it’s ideas for the home, gifts for the ones you love or just for yourself, you’ll know they’ll be just right because you not only spotted the trend, you set the trend! Learn more. 


 ‘Top Tip’

Hi there! I created a simple woodland scene on my child’s cupboard by first painting some simple tree like branches. Then using real leaves, I drew round the outlines onto cardboard, which I then cut out and used as stencils to add ‘leaves’. An old trick but very effective!

'Love the Owl'

‘Love the Owl’